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Real-World Flight Planning and Execution Program 14 scenario-based e-learning courses take you through interactive sUAS flight issues and emergency scenarios to get you ready for real-world missions.

14 Online Courses | 8+ hours of content

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Reduce Risk and Ensure the Safety and Success of Commercial sUAS Operations.

Gain access to 14 expert e-courses to experience real-world flight issues and scenarios, so you’re ready for successful sUAS missions. Our Real-World Flight Planning and Execution Program is an extensive scenario-based e-learning program which will prove that you and your team of pilots are safe, competent, and have a standardized level of knowledge. These courses are Step 3 of DARTdrones Wings Program.

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Real-World Flight Planning and Execution Program

Course Curriculum

  • Course 1
    Real-World Airspace Scenarios

    • Airspace Classifications, Controlled Airspace, Uncontrolled Airspace, Prohibited and Restricted Areas, TFRs, LAANC Authorizations, AirMap
  • Course 2
    Real-World Weather Assessment

    • Forecast Sources, METARs, TAFs, Visibility, Clouds, Sky Condition, Precipitation, Wind, Temperature, Part 107 Requirements, Go/No-Go Decision Making
  • Course 3
    Site Assessment

    • Hazard Identification, Satellite Imagery, Flight Planning, Manmade Structures, Terrain Variations, Natural Obstructions, Low-Level Turbulence, Interference
  • Course 4
    Risk Assessment and Management

    • Risk Management, Hazard Identification, Historical Data, Risk Matrix, Likelihood of Risk, Severity of Risk, Risk Mitigation, Pilot Considerations, Customer Expectations
  • Course 5
    Equipment Care and Maintenance

    • Manufacturer Recommendations, Preflight Inspections, Post Flight Inspections, Flight Logs, Aircraft Logs, Patterns of Wear and Tear, Maintenance Protocols
  • Course 6
    Battery Care and Safety

    • Battery Types, Capacity, Specifications, Charge Cycle, Discharging, Maintenance, Damage, Disposal, Storage, Flight Regulations
  • Course 7
    Building Custom Checklists

    • Considerations, Customizations, Implementation, Flight Planning, Preflight, Crew Briefing, Flight Execution, Emergency Procedures, Post Flight, Maintenance
  • Course 8
    Emergency Procedures Response

    • Prevention, Emergency Responses, GPS Signal Loss, Datalink Interference, Compass Errors, Flyaways, Hardware and Software Failures, Battery Issues, Collisions
  • Course 9
    Overcoming Disorientation

    • Prevention, Disorientation Responses, Practice Maneuvers, Close Range Line of Sight, Medium/Long Range Line of Sight, First Person View
  • Course 10
    Understanding Aviation Communications

    • Types of Communications, CTAFs, Scanners, Transceivers, Standard Format, Common Conventions, Traffic Patterns, Aircraft Position
  • Course 11
    Visual Observer and Crew Best Practices

    • Part 107 Requirements, Roles, Responsibilities, Positioning, Crew Management, Crew Briefing, Communication Methods, Communication Procedures
  • Course 12
    Improving Operational Safety

    • UAS Code of Conduct
    • Remote Pilot Responsibilities
    • Privacy
    • Mitigating Risks
    • FAA 'Dirty Dozen'
    • Communication
  • Course 13
    Flight Principles and Performance

    • Aerodynamics
    • Aircraft Axes
    • Angle of Attack
    • Turbulent Air
    • Weight and Balance
  • Course 14
    Air Law Review

    • Registration Requirements
    • Responsibility of Remote PIC
    • Daylight Operations
    • Hazardous Operations
    • Crew Regulations
    • Operating Limitations

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Designed by Top Developers

These courses were built by top curriculum developers and real-world manned and unmanned aircraft pilots. Our Curriculum Team spent months working with a group of our expert pilots to create this comprehensive online learning program.

Jen Milner

Curriculum Developer with a Masters in Educational Technology from Harvard.

Christina Martinez

Commercial pilot and CFII with a Commercial Aviation and Air Traffic Control degree.

Our Nationwide Network of Expert Flight Instructors

Meet a few DARTdrones Flight Instructors who are all manned and unmanned pilots with over 11,000 hours of drone training experience.

Your questions. Our answers.

Is the Real-World Flight Planning and Execution Program too advanced for me?

The Real-World Flight Planning and Execution Program is Step 3 of DARTdrones Wings Program. In order to receive your DARTdrones Wings, you must submit your flight experience and Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification.

How do I get my DARTdrones Wings?

The DARTdrones Wings Program consists of 3 steps: Flight Experience and Assessment, Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification, and the Real-World Flight Planning and Execution Program.

When will I be able to access the 14 courses?

Once you register for the program, you will receive instant access to all 14 online courses. You can access them at any time.

Are the DARTdrones Wings a “certification”?

The DARTdrones Wings are a credential given by DARTdrones that verifies that a drone pilot has basic equipment knowledge, knowledge of Part 107 and related regulations, an active Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA, and an understanding of flight assessment factors and how to respond to potential hazards and risks.

The DARTdrones Wings do not guarantee that a drone pilot will never have an accident. The DARTdrones Wings do not include an in-person assessment and cannot ensure that the pilot has adequate flight experience.

Do the DARTdrones Wings expire?

The DARTdrones Wings expire on the day that your Remote Pilot Certificate expires. To renew their Wings, students must take the assessments again as well as upload their new Remote Pilot Certificate. There is no fee to renew your Wings.


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