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Learn everything you need to know about Part 107 with our Guide to Part 107!

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Learn everything you need to know about Part 107 with our Guide to Part 107!
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Become a FAA Part 107 Certified Commercial Drone Pilot

Thousands of successful drone pilots got their Part 107 commercial license with DARTdrones. You could be next.

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Two Options for FAA Part 107 Test Prep Training

Our students have over a 99% pass rate! If you've got us, you've got this.
Showcase of Online


Perfect for the self-starter $ 250 Regularly $350 Learn More
Showcase of In-Person + Online

In-Person + Online

Online Test Prep In-Person & Online Test Prep
8 Hours with an Expert Pilot
Practice Real Test Questions with a Manned Pilot
Hands on Chart Study with Real Aeronautical Maps
Group Discussions with Other Students
Class Size Limited to 12
Money Back Guarantee*
Curriculum Developed by Navy Helicopter pilot
300+ Practice Test Questions
50 Page Study Guide
Access to Chief Pilot for Questions
Instant Access to Interactive Online E-Learning Course
Real Time Updates to Curriculum
Access to Monthly Q&A Webinar with Chief Pilot**

Why should I take the Part 107 Test Prep in-person course instead of online?

Even if you’re a highly-disciplined self-starter, there’s still a good reason to take the FAA Part 107 In-Person Course: our instructors are incredible! Right now, you probably just want to pass the test and get your FAA commercial drone license. But that all changes once you start hearing stories of real-life scenarios that no study guide can prepare you for. On top of the opportunity to be in the same room with a highly-experienced pilot, you will have the chance to hold an aeronautical map, while studying it and discussing it with others in your group. Each class will have no more than 12 people. This gives you the chance to ask questions and discuss the material, while still getting one-on-one attention from the instructor while you prep for your FAA Part 107 commercial drone license. If you want to pass the FAA Part 107 drone pilot test – and walk away with hands-on experience as well, this may be the option for you.

Pass the FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone License Exam

Part 107, the FAA commercial drone regulation, allows drone pilots to fly UAS or UAVs for business purposes. To fly under FAA Part 107, you need to pass the FAA drone pilot test and receive your commercial drone license. The two hour, 60 question test requires extensive studying. Our course teaches you everything you need to know to get your commercial drone license.

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You will gain access to

  • 8 Hours of In-Person Part 107 Test Prep

  • 300 FAA Part 107 Test Questions

  • 50 Page Study Guide

  • Lifetime Access to Online Part 107 Class

  • Access to Chief Pilot for Questions

  • Small Class Size with Expert Drone Pilot

Upcoming Classes

    Part 107 Test Preparation Apr 18, 2021

    Tampa, fl
    8:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Hilton Garden Inn -Tampa/Riverview

    Part 107 Test Preparation Apr 18, 2021

    Charlotte (Statesville), nc
    8:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Hampton Inn – Statesville

    Part 107 Test Preparation Apr 18, 2021

    Houston, tx
    8:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Hampton Inn and Suites – N Houston/Spring

    Part 107 Test Preparation Apr 18, 2021

    San Francisco Bay, ca
    8:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Courtyard – Fremont Silicon Valley

    Part 107 Test Preparation Apr 25, 2021

    Scranton, pa
    8:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Home2 Suites by Hilton – Scranton/Dickson City

    Part 107 Test Preparation Apr 25, 2021

    Boston, ma
    8:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Residence Inn – Needham

FAA Part 107 Test Prep
Course Curriculum

  • Lesson 1
    Regulations Under FAA Part 107

    • Pilot In Command
    • Registration Requirements
    • Eligibility Requirements
    • Conditions for Safe Operations
    • Waiver Policy
  • Lesson 2
    Airspace Classifications

    • National Airspace System
    • Air Traffic Control
    • Clearances and Permissions
    • Uncontrolled Airspace
    • Controlled Airspace
  • Lesson 3
    Flight Restrictions

    • Restricted Areas
    • Filing NOTAMs
    • Special Use Airspace
    • Military Training Routes
    • VFR versus IFR Flight Rules
  • Lesson 4
    Chart Study

    • Reading Sectional Charts
    • Chart Legend
    • Navigation Basics
    • Chart Interpretation
    • Difficult Chart Test Questions
  • Lesson 5
    Airport Operations for Drone Pilots

    • Operating Near an Airport
    • Traffic Patterns
    • Heliports
    • Towered and Non-Towered Airports
    • Runway Markings and Signage
  • Lesson 6
    Radio Communications for sUAS Pilots

    • Controlled Tower Communication Procedures
    • Phonetic Alphabet
    • Airport Terminal Information Service
    • Self-Announce Procedures
  • Lesson 7
    Aviation Weather for Drone Pilots

    • Internet Weather Briefings
    • Micrometeorology
    • Reading METARS
    • Stages of a Thunderstorm
    • Types of Cloud Formations
  • Lesson 8
    Maintenance and Preflight Procedures

    • Scheduled Maintenance
    • Unscheduled Maintenance
    • Preflight Inspection
    • Record Keeping
    • FAA Inspection and Testing
  • Lesson 9
    Crew Resource Management and Aeronautical Decision Making

    • Requirements of Pilot In Command
    • Situational Awareness
    • Hazardous Attitudes
    • Effective Communication
    • Risk Management for Drone Pilots
  • Lesson 10
    sUAS Loading and Performance

    • Basic Aerodynamics
    • Aircraft Loading
    • Weight and Balance
    • Stability and Control
    • Center of Gravity
  • Lesson 11
    Hazards to Flight and Emergency Procedures

    • Reporting In-Flight Emergencies
    • Fail Safe Procedures
    • Airborne Inspections
    • Wildlife Hazards
    • Lithium Battery Hazards
  • Lesson 12
    Physiology for Drone Pilots Under Part 107

    • Impacts of Drugs and Alcohol
    • Vision Impairment
    • Determining Fitness for Flight
    • Physiological Considerations
    • Part 107 Regulations Requirements
  • Lesson 13
    Preparing for the Part 107 Exam

    • Registering for Airman Knowledge Test
    • 300+ FAA Test Questions
    • Best Study Practices
    • Applying on IACRA
    • Applying for the Remote Pilot Certificate
  • Lesson 14
    **NEW: Night Operations

    • Night Physiology
    • Part 107 Requirements
    • Visual Line of Sight
    • Visual Observers
    • Lighting
    • Equipment

Professional Drone Curriculum Development Team

Our team of experts constantly updates this course to ensure our students pass the exam and to get their commercial drone license and become FAA Part 107 certified drone pilots.

Amelia Owre

Curriculum Developer for the US Navy’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drone) Program.

Jerry White

FAA Certified Flight Instructor and Multi-Engine Airline Transit Pilot


What is the Money Back Guarantee?

DARTdrones is now offering a Money Back Guarantee!  Why?  We are SO confident in our comprehensive curriculum, that we know you will pass the Part 107 with no problem! All students who take our FAA Part 107 Test Prep course and achieve a 85% or better on at least 3 practice exams, we will pay for you to take the exam again if you fail.   We have a 99% pass rate, which means you most likely won’t have to take advantage of this great perk!


If a student completes our Part 107 Test Prep course and achieves a 85% or better on at least 3 practice exams and still fails the FAA Part 107 Exam, we will pay the retest fee for the student to take the exam again. All students taking the Online Part 107 Test Prep course must complete all of the course modules to 100% within 90 days prior to their exam date to be eligible. All students who took the in-person Part 107 Test Prep course must have taken the exam within the 90 days of their class date to be eligible OR have completed each of the online modules within 90 days of taking the exam. To qualify as completing the course modules includes the Night Operations Modules that were added to the course on March 1, 2021. For students who took the in-person course prior to the FAA rule change on March 1, 2021, they will only qualify for the Money Back Guarantee if they complete the Night Operations Course modules. FAA exam questions are not published. The DARTdrones question bank is closely aligned to what you will see on the FAA remote pilot exam, but wording can and will differ. Memorizing our entire question bank will not be sufficient preparation to pass the exam. Students who take the practice test an excessive number of times with unreasonably short completion times will not qualify for the guarantee. Students are only eligible to receive the Money Back Guarantee once. Students must submit their failing test scorecard to our support team for review.

Will you teach this course at my company's location?

Yes! We conduct many private trainings every week. Contact our team to discuss the details – 800-264-3907.

What should I expect of the Monthly Q&A Webinar?

DARTdrones is the leading nationwide drone training and is the first to offer an exclusive webinar answering any questions that you have about the FAA Part 107 Exam!  This interactive webinar will review any questions or concerns you have about the exam – an industry FIRST! Once a month, one of our instructors will invite all FAA Part 107 Test Prep students to join them in a review session. The instructor will answer any questions and review some of the most difficult questions in the exam.

What is FAA Part 107 Certification? Why do I need it? How do I get it?

Planning to fly a drone for commercial use?  You must have your FAA Part 107 Certification. In August of 2016, the FAA launched new rules for commercial drone pilots under the FAA regulations called Part 107. The new rules allow people interested in flying  their drones for a profit or commercial use to gain a license from the FAA to fly their drone for commercial purposes after passing a 60 question, 2 hour exam offered at an FAA testing center. (The old rules used to require a 333 exemption and a manned aircraft pilot’s license. This is no longer necessary.) Someone new to aviation could commit 15 – 20 hours of study time and be ready to pass their exam.After taking our Part 107 Test Prep course, you can book at one of the FAA’s 690 testing centers across the country to take your exam. Once you pass the exam, you get your certificate within a few weeks and are able to fly commercially.

How long is the FAA Part 107 Test Prep course?

The in-person FAA Part 107 Test Prep Course is eight hours, usually from 8:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m with a 30 minute lunch break. By the time you leave our class, you will feel confident with the knowledge you gained from the class.   Still need more study time?  We’ve got you covered! All students gain access to our online Part 107  Test Prep course so that they can continue to study and complete multiple practice tests.  In addition, we are the first in the industry to offer exclusive webinars with our instructors for real-time answers you may have regarding your upcoming Part 107 exam.

After I complete the FAA Part 107 Test Prep course, will I be ready to take my exam?

Every student is different, so we recommend utilizing our online study guides just to make sure you’re ready for the exam.  Plus, if you take our FAA Part 107 Test Prep course and achieve a 90% or better on at least 3 practice exams, we will pay for you to take the exam again if you fail! 

I am new to drones. Is this course relevant for my drone use?

This course is designed for drone pilots who aim to use their drone for business purposes and want to pass the FAA Part 107 Airman Knowledge Exam. If you are flying for fun as a recreational drone pilot, you do not need to pass the Airman Knowledge Exam. 

What is the typical class size?

We want to see our student succeed in passing the Part 107 exam.  We want you to learn as much as you can in our class, which is why we limit the class to 15 students!

Will the instructor from my in-person training be available if I have questions during the online class?

DARTdrones offers access to our Chief Pilot for any questions you may have.  IN addition, we have an interactive webinar that is offered with your Part 107 course.

What if the class isn't offered in my city? What if the class in my city is sold out?

We love to hear from our customers!  No class near you?  Call us or fill our one of our contact forms and let us know where you would like to see us next!  We typically schedule one class per month in each city about 10-12 weeks in advance of a class.   Classes can sell out quickly, so we recommend booking as soon as you are ready to take a course!  If your city is completely sold out, we recommend checking a nearby city, organizing a private group lesson (priced for 8 participants), or submitting a contact form as we do often have last minute cancellations.

How can I prepare prior to taking the course?

We make prepping for the course easy!  Our online portal is loaded with pre-course materials.  Don’t have any prior aviation knowledge?  Our course is designed to help you pass with flying colors without any experience!  Don’t believe us?  Take a look at our testimonials!


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