Custom On-Site UAV Training for Organizations

Provide your team with comprehensive, in-person UAV training customized to your needs. Our elite team of instructors are manned and unmanned aviation pilots that utilize professionally developed, custom curriculum.

  • Specialized Instructors

    With over 40 instructors across the United States, we will provide an instructor who brings expertise from your industry. Our instructors have backgrounds in public safety, industrial inspections, mapping and modeling, broadcast media, and more.

  • Customized Approach

    Our off-the-shelf UAV training can easily be tailored to train your unique use cases. With a custom on-site training, your team receives the appropriate experience that is relevant to them.

  • Convenience

    This is your team's training. Your team dictates the locations, dates, times, and topics depending on what works best for your group. Work with our experts to create the perfect UAV training program.

  • Scalability

    DARTdrones is uniquely positioned to help organizations scale their sUAS programs. Whether you are training 5 or 500 pilots over the next 3 years, DARTdrones is the premiere partner for starting a sUAS program.

Professional Training For Professional Pilots

Training Curriculum

    • Equipment Training

      Outdoor hands-on training about flight best practices, emergency procedures, checklists, maintenance, and autonomous flight modes.

    • Part 107 Test Prep

      A comprehensive course designed to teach drone pilots to pass the FAA's Remote Pilot Exam and earn a commercial drone license.

    • Thermal Imaging & FLIR

      Hands-on training about thermal imaging, night operations, and utilizing a FLIR camera to capture data with a drone.

    • Aerial Photography & Videography

      A course that takes on-the-ground pilots into the sky and teaches about settings, modes, shot lists, and more.

    • Aerial Mapping and Modeling

      A two-day course teaching drone pilots to utilize, capture, and analyze mapping and modeling software.

    • Aerial Roof Inspections

      A two-day course designed to help drone pilots capture the important images and data for aerial roof inspection operations.

    • Aerial Search and Rescue

      A course taught by our public safety instructors teaching about search patterns, thermal imaging, and flight best practices.

    • Disaster Response

      An online course designed to teach drone pilots how to respond and work with public safety organizations in disaster response efforts.

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