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Use our proven model to pass the FAA Part 107 exam on your first try

Our Online FAA Part 107 Test Prep Course has helped 9,000+ students pass their exam and become FAA certified drone pilots. Our 99% pass rate ensures you'll pass.

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Online Part 107 Test Prep course built by

  • Amelia Owre, Fire Scout UAS Curriculum Developer, Navy Helicopter Pilot
  • Colin Romberger, Embry Riddle Masters in UAS
  • Roger Hall, Retired Firefighter

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Part 107, the FAA commercial drone regulation, allows drone pilots to fly drones for business purposes. To fly under FAA Part 107, you need to pass the FAA drone pilot test called the Airman Knowledge Test. The two hour, 60 question test requires extensive studying. With 99% of our FAA Part 107 students passing on their first attempt, we provide everything you need to be equipped for your certification:

Estimated study time: 10 - 20 hours

Our online course includes 8 interactive hours of class materials, unlimited practice tests, and a monthly review webinar.

The exam is a 2 hour online test with 60 multiple choice questions.

Our practice exam features 300+ practice test questions.

The FAA Part 107 exam costs $150.

Our students have a 99% pass rate on their first attempt.

If you fail, the exam costs $150 to take it again.

With our Money Back Guarantee, we will pay your exam fee if you fail on the first attempt.*

The exam topics cover complicated aviation topics.

All of our instructors and curriculum development team are real manned aviation pilots.

Some of the topics are confusing and require in-depth explanation.

You have access to our Chief Instructor to ask questions as well as a monthly review webinar.

You must take a shorter recurrent exam every 2 years.

We give you free access to our “Recurrent Exam” online course when you are ready for your recurrent exam.

4.9 student rating for our Online Part 107 Test Prep curriculum!

FAA Part 107 curriculum designed by industry experts to ensure the most professional training possible

    • Pilot In Command
    • Registration Requirements
    • Eligibility Requirements
    • Conditions for Safe Operations
    • Waiver Policy
    • National Airspace System
    • Air Traffic Control
    • Clearances and Permissions
    • Uncontrolled Airspace
    • Controlled Airspace
    • Restricted Areas
    • Filing NOTAMS
    • Special Use Airspace
    • Military Training Routes
    • VFR versus IFR Flight Rules
    • Reading Sectional Charts
    • Chart Legend
    • Navigation Basics
    • Chart Interpretation
    • Difficult Chart Test Questions
    • Operating Near an Airport
    • Traffic Patterns
    • Heliports
    • Towered and Non-Towered Airports
    • Runway Markings and Signage
    • Controlled Tower Communication Procedures
    • Phonetic Alphabet
    • Airport Terminal Information Service
    • Self-Announce Procedures
    • Internet Weather Briefings
    • Micrometeorology
    • Reading METARS
    • Stages of a Thunderstorm
    • Types of Cloud Formations
    • Scheduled Maintenance
    • Unscheduled Maintenance
    • Preflight Inspection
    • Record Keeping
    • FAA Inspection and Testing
    • Requirements of Pilot In Command
    • Situational Awareness
    • Hazardous Attitudes
    • Effective Communication
    • Risk Management for Drone Pilots
    • Basic Aerodynamics
    • Aircraft Loading
    • Weight and Balance
    • Stability and Control
    • Center of Gravity
    • Reporting In-Flight Emergencies
    • Fail Safe Procedures
    • Airborne Inspections
    • Wildlife Hazards
    • Lithium Battery Hazards
    • Impacts of Drugs and Alcohol
    • Vision Impairment
    • Determining Fitness for Flight
    • Physiological Considerations
    • Part 107 Regulations Requirements
    • Registering for Airman Knowledge Test
    • 300+ FAA Test Questions
    • Best Study Practices
    • Applying on IACRA
    • Applying for the Remote Pilot Certificate

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Meet our Online Part 107 Test Prep developers

  • Amelia Owre

    Fire Scout UAS Curriculum Developer, Navy Helicopter Pilot

    Lead Curriculum Developer

  • Colin Romberger

    Embry Riddle Masters in UAS

    Chief Pilot and Webinar Host

  • Roger Hall

    Retired Firefighter

    Airplane Pilot and Subject Matter Expert

Worth the money!

This course was worth the money! Everything was clearly explained throughout the lessons. I had a handful of questions that I need clarification on, and when I e-mail DartDrones I quickly had a detailed answer! I absolutely recommend this course to anyone.

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  • 8 Hours of Online Part 107 Test Prep
  • 300+ FAA Part 107 Test Questions
  • Money Back Guarantee*
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  • 6-Month Access to Online Part 107 Course
  • Access to shortened Recurrent Class in 2 years
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Unlike many others out there, we don't just train drone pilots on the Part 107 Drone License. As the national leader in drone training, we have over 15 in-person and online classes.

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99% Pass Rate

Our students continue to maintain a 99% pass rate on the exam.

Money Back Guarantee*

All students who take our Part 107 Test Prep course and achieve a 85% or better on at least 3 practice exams, we will pay for you to take the exam again if you fail.

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As featured on ABC's Shark Tank, we are the nation's leading drone training company with an extensive network of alumni and partners throughout the country.

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Created and refined by UAS training experts, including our Director of Training, who is a UAS Navy Curriculum Developer and former Navy helicopter pilot.

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With a community of over 50,000 drone enthusiasts across the US and internationally, DARTdrones is at the forefront of UAS technology.

Expert Instructors

Our students absolutely love our instructors! Our classes are engaging, fun, and extremely informative.

Advanced Training Courses

We don't just train our students on the basics. We have extensive advanced training courses to help our alumni succeed in mapping, inspections, disaster response, aerial photography, night operations, and search and rescue.

Industry Certified and Vetted Curriculum

Our curriculum has been vetted and certified by AUVSI, the leading UAS industry association, to ensure professional quality.


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