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Create visually stunning aerial photos and videos.

Our Aerial Photography and Videography Course will teach you how to use your drone to capture that perfect shot.

Online Aerial Photography course built by

  • Jerry White, Professional pilot and small business owner with over 20 years experience in video production and media
  • Kevin Coughlin, Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist
  • Amelia Owre, Former Navy helicopter pilot and UAS curriculum developer

DARTdrones has trained pilots from

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Drones are fantastic tools for capturing impressive aerial imagery. However, you need more than just a capable platform to get that perfect shot. This course will teach you what you need to know about photography and videography to take your drone shots to the next level.

A photographer needs to choose the best camera settings.

Our course teaches you about ISO, F-Stop, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Manual Mode, and so much more.

Getting the right angle can be complicated with a drone.

Our course teaches you about camera angles, the rule of thirds, and common drone shots.

Capturing professional quality videos requires a lot of moving pieces.

Our course teaches you about color settings, controller settings, and utilizing a gimbal.

Even experienced videographers will need to learn new skills when it comes to maneuvering their drone.

Our course teaches shots like Fly By, Jib, Rising Retreat, Fly Through, and more.

Curriculum Designed By Professional Aerial Photographers

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Meet our Online Aerial Photography developers

  • Jerry White

    Professional pilot and small business owner with over 20 years experience in video production and media

    Course Instructor

  • Kevin Coughlin

    Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist

    Subject Matter Expert

  • Amelia Owre

    Former Navy helicopter pilot and UAS curriculum developer

    Lead Curriculum Developer

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Online Aerial Photography

What You Get

  • 100% Online Training
  • 85 Minute Class
  • 4 Comprehensive E-Learning Modules
  • Downloadable Aerial Imaging Reference Guide
  • Curriculum Built By Professional Aerial Photographers

Why Complete Aerial Photography and Videography Training with DARTdrones?

Curriculum Created by Professional Photographers

Our curriculum team worked with professional aerial photographers and videographers to create this course.

Useful for Every Drone Pilot

No matter how you plan to use your drone, understanding how to capture quality photos and video is key to success as a remote pilot.

Make More Money

As the quality of your photos and videos improve, you'll be able to charge your clients more for your time.

Access to Our Extensive Alumni Network

We have thousands of alumni across the country and train some of the largest organizations in the world. Join the ranks of the nation's leading drone pilots.

Availability for Advanced Classes

We set our students up for success by providing A to Z training for all levels of drone pilots. As the national leader in drone training, we have over 15 in-person and online classes.

$50 Credit Towards any other DARTdrones Class

Receive a $50 credit towards any other DARTdrones class when you train with us.

As seen on ABC's "Shark Tank"

WHY DARTDRONES? We have a proven track record for training pilots in dozens of industries.

35Qualified Instructors

Our instructors have manned aviation experience flying airplanes and helicopters and have gained the highest drone piloting recognitions in the industry. Many own successful UAS businesses themselves.

30+Cities Nationwide

As featured on ABC's Shark Tank, we are the nation's leading drone training company with an extensive network of alumni and partners throughout the country.

150+Hours of Material

Created and refined by UAS training experts, including our Director of Training, who is a UAS Navy Curriculum Developer and former Navy helicopter pilot.

11K+Pilots Trained

With a community of over 50,000 drone enthusiasts across the US and internationally, DARTdrones is at the forefront of UAS technology.

Expert Instructors

Our students absolutely love our instructors! Our classes are engaging, fun, and extremely informative.

Advanced Training Courses

We don't just train our students on the basics. We have extensive advanced training courses to help our alumni succeed in mapping, inspections, disaster response, aerial photography, night operations, and search and rescue.

Industry Certified and Vetted Curriculum

Our curriculum has been vetted and certified by AUVSI, the leading UAS industry association, to ensure professional quality.


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