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Drones for Photography

Photographs can be drastically more interesting if they have an interesting viewpoint. Photographers will go to extensive lengths to get new and interesting viewpoints so their pictures standout. Using drones for photography can create very interesting perspectives.

For a professional photographer, the price of a drone is nothing unusual compared to the price of their camera equipment. Drones are now capable of carrying small high resolution cameras as well as high end DSLR cameras which make them much more useful for progressive photographers.

Up until a few years ago the only way to get the shots you can with a drone was by way of helicopter. Helicopters are expensive and you cannot always get the shot you want. Using drones for photography can allow the photographer to get the perfect altitude and angle as well as being able to hover closer to the ground.

Drones are already being used in sporting events such as downhill skiing to film and get closer to the action. The technology has advanced so much that the video can be streamed from the drone to televisions across America. A drone can get the same angle as a helicopter but not disrupt what is going on below.

Here at DARTdrones, we have noticed that many of our customers are taking our classes in order to feel more comfortable when flying their drone for photography. In the near future we will introduce a class tailored just for people who are planning on using drones for photography.

In order to get great shots from a drone you must be able to fly it. The more confident you feel flying, the better your drone photography will be. This is why it is important to know what you are doing before you take off.

If you are a photographer wanting to add a drone to your toolkit, and are scared about flying while taking video and pictures, there are drones that allow one person to fly and one person to control the camera. This allows one person to focus on flying the drone and the other to focus on the control of the camera.

drone aerial photography

Image © PopPhoto

Most of the time the quality equipment a photographer uses does not make them a better photographer; however, using drones for photography actually does make a photographer’s work much more interesting.

 Drones for photography can also be utilized by news outlets. Getting that angle that no one else has is extremely important to stay in the running with competitive stations. Drones can provide that edge that some stations might need.

Drones are becoming much more popular for photographers and videographers just like the digital camera was when it came out. The technology was so much better that everyone wanted one in order to stay competitive with everyone else, drones hopefully will be the same way in photography/videography.

drones aerial photography

Image © Fromwhereidrone

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  1. Are you able to advise any drone models that are suitable for mounting a DSLR? Or any websites that sell them. I’m struggling to work out which ones are suitable.

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