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Drones Aid in Creating Memorable Advertisements

You may have noticed on recent TV advertisements, the sky high, swooping picture flying above ground and zooming in on a product. This is a very common tactic for drones in advertising. However, drones are offering a new perspective to advertising in various different industries.

Now, drones aid in creating memorable advertisements – they are the new power duo for marketing. Forget the lackluster old ways of TV, drones are an interactive and engaging experience for brands to utilize. Drones are able to access new locations and places where traditional advertising cannot. This leads to increased brand awareness through fascinated onlookers and an engagement level that couldn’t be reached before.

Companies such as Maserati have been implementing drones to give a new perspective to their advertisements. Soaring above the racing car, consumers are able to feel the speed and energy of the car, telling more about the experience of driving one of Maserati’s cars, rather than concentrating on the actual car itself. A Brazilian company, Camisaria Colombo, deployed headless mannequins attached to drones showcasing the men’s clothing the store was selling for its Black Friday campaign. This tactic is an uncommon, and creepy one, but it amused consumers and helped the company cash in on Black Friday. The company was able to reach consumers who were walking the streets, but also the office workers who were stuck in behind their desks inside. As these workers gazed out the window, they would have seen one of these flying mannequins, creating a shock factor and a huge interest in what was being advertised.

drones and advertising

Companies are revolutionizing their marketing tactics through the use of drones. Aerial views for drones allow for stunning and encompassing shots, which companies like Red Bull have been using to showcase the many events they host such as their Competitive Freeride Snowboarding. Patron has also taken advantage of drones and launched a campaign where they shot the distillery process from the perspective of a bee. By attaching cameras to a drone, they’re able to give the curious customer a bee’s eye view as the bee floats through the fields of Patron’s distillery. These untraditional ways of using drones, launches these companies into great success. These two companies aren’t using drones to advertise their product, instead they’re using drones to advertise the lifestyle and story behind their brand. Patron is using drones to tell the story behind the craftsmanship of their tequila and to show the people who are involved in the process of creating the industry leading tequila. The bee’s-eye view adds more to the experience as users are cast around the distillery, free from the constraint of the computer or desk they’re sitting at. The use of the drone gives more to the customer who instead of just watching or skipping through an advertisement as so many of us do, the customer now is completely involved and immersed in who Patron tequila is and what they have to offer.

As more companies want to get the forefront of their industries, drones and advertising are the new marketing tool to launch them in that direction. Drones are improving campaigns in a visual sense, but soon they’ll be used in ways to help make the brand that much better. Amazon has been toying with the idea of using drones as a method of shipment to get orders to customers faster called Prime Air. While this isn’t a traditional method of marketing and advertising, by launching Prime Air this would further advance Amazon as the go-to retailer.

So don’t be surprised this summer if you see a drone hovering overhead, for all you know, you’re going to be featured in the next great visual campaign.

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