Drone Journalists “Waive” Goodbye to Old Mistakes

DARTdrones new drone journalism workshop is here! This new industry specific workshop will educate drone journalists on obtaining proper waivers and flying drones safely under FAA restrictions.

What Will Drone Journalists Learn?

The nation’s leading drone training and consulting company has developed new drone training programs to meet specific demands for the broadcast journalism industry. The workshop was designed to not only teach journalists how to become drone pilots, but how to secure the necessary waivers to cover newsworthy events.

Devon Dewey, Deputy Managing Editor and Chief Drone Pilot for KSL News in Salt Lake City, Utah, believes in the benefits of drones in the broadcast industry, but said the biggest mistake drone journalists make is not knowing how to handle situations that arise in the field.

“Training is incredibly important,” said Dewey. “There is already a lot of distrust of the media and a lot of bad press about drones that make the combination of the two a scary thing for the public. If drone journalists aren’t trained and are crashing and flying recklessly, it affects both the drone and journalism industry, which neither industry needs. Journalist drone pilots need to know their stuff while out covering stories to make sure each flight is a safe, successful flight.

DARTdrones’ new drone journalism class is designed to train drone journalists to safely incorporate unmanned aerial vehicles into their news-telling tools. The class focuses on Go/No-Go Decision Making, media scenario flying, and applying for FAA waivers that are commonly required for broadcasting.

“What I see as the most important topic for new drone journalists is fully understanding Go/No-Go Decision Making,” said CEO and Cofounder of DARTdrones, Abby Speicher. “Every drone flight has different risks and with journalism you often only have one chance to get the shot. I see our new Drone Journalism Workshop as a specialized way to fully inform journalists about the capabilities of drones and more importantly, knowing when not to fly.”

Drone Journalism Workshop Instructors

DARTdrones’ expert flight instructors Kevin Coughlin, Jerry White, and Craig Trammel will guide students through the workshop. Coughlin is a Pulitzer Prize sharing photojournalist with over 25 years of experience working with newspapers in the New York City area, including the New York Times. White has over 3,000 hours of manned flight time and over 20 years experience in the video production business. Trammel is an Airline Transport Pilot, 30-year retired Air Force officer, and previously worked in the broadcast industry before fully committing to aviation.


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